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boxChilli is an internet marketing agency who maintain a fast-paced productive environment, where imagination and creativity are encouraged whilst keeping to strict guidelines and protocols.

Our staff know the excellent quality of the work that boxChilli have provided and are focused on improving this on every subsequent project.

We focus our attention of using the latest design and programming trends that are usable and effective for our clients. One of the features of our industry is that sometimes these movements can be fashion over function, where the user ends up with something that is impressive for a couple of months but in reality doesn’t serve practically in the long run. At boxChilli we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of these advancements but being realistic about their uses on a client’s site.

Making use of some of the most talented people in our industry when planning, designing, building and marketing gives us a head start over our competitors. Everyone is given a forum to provide their ideas and we won’t move forward with a project until everyone has had their say, clients and staff alike. Once everyone has had their input we are best placed to deliver a project which is successful and exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Our staff is comprised of people from massively varied backgrounds. Sales, computer game design, programming, psychology, online marketing, web design, project management etc etc. This diversity provides a real boost for our clients where we can recommend tried and tested techniques.

We relish the opportunity to transform the online presence of our clients and watch as they reap the benefits of our services.

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