How VR is changing the game

Even though Virtual Reality is a relatively new concept to the general public it is becoming more readily available to many. It’s most famously known for its use in gaming; creating a more interactive experience, letting the player become a character in the game and experience it at a real-life scale. Now however, more and more applications are being recognised for VR and it is beginning to shape the future for our technology in many ways…


VR is starting to take an important role in healthcare, particularly in the area of Health Education. Various programmes allow for pre-recorded procedures to be watched and used by medical students all over the world. This can have incredibly positive results saving Healthcare in both and resources. The biggest effect it is having however, is how it is allowing more students to have practical work experiences using their VR systems, without having to actually be in the operating or hospital room.

The technology is also being used during Patient Therapy and is said to relieve stress and reduce pain, largely through distracting the patient, a wonderful example being how it is used to treat war veterans who suffer with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), by recreating sensations from the traumatic events they’ve encountered and treating it head on, having beneficial results for many sufferers.


Shopping can be incredibly time consuming and inconvenient for many people. Online shopping has sped up the process and created a more convenient experience. It does however, lack the experience you get from going to a physical shop and seeing the products first-hand. VR Systems can bridge that gap by offering a solution to these problems by giving users the platform to shop as if you were in the actual store, from wherever you like, entirely at your convenience.

Many businesses have already started using VR to enhance their customers experience. IKEA allows customers to preview how their kitchens could look, allowing them to change the dimensions and colours of various products. Audi is also using VR to let customers view their vehicles in a virtual showroom and even allow customers take cars for a simulated drive or sit as a passenger with a virtual engineer.

Restaurants and Dining

Restaurants are beginning to use VR to enhance their customers dining experience. A company in Belgium called Skullmaping allows for you to use the VR system to see how your food was created before you eat it, as pre-dinner entertainment. Sublimotion in Ibiza immerses diners into a fantasy world whilst they eat, attracting many customers to try out this unique experience.  More restaurants are now using 360 degree views on their websites to let people see what their restaurants ambience is like before they go.


Nothing compares to the atmosphere and experience of going to a sporting event, however most tickets are expensive and it’s not always convenient to go. VR now allows people to view games and events in 360, making it more realistic and giving the impression of really being there in the crowd.

VR is not just beneficial for sports fans, but also for the participants as well and is beginning to be used to help with training. STRIVR is a virtual reality training system that is used by American football teams to practice plays and perform drills in game like situations and has been proven to have beneficial results, including reducing the risk of injury, as well as heat exposure in hot weather.

Formula 1 are in the midst of adopting these ideas, using VR to help fans have a more immersive experience of the race. It allows viewers to see from the driver’s point of view and give them the feeling of being on the track themselves. It is also be a great opportunity for competitors to practice on a simulated version of their next competition track, trying out new techniques in a safe and controlled environment, again avoiding injury or crashes before the big event.


The gym is often perceived as a boring and tedious task, however with VR it can make exercising a lot more fun. Black Box VR Gym and VR programmes such as VirZoom, combines virtual reality, elements of gaming and real-life gym equipment to give gym goers a new, unique experience, allowing people to play games whilst they exercise instead of sticking to boring workout routines, keeping them more involved and fit.  Having a virtual personal trainer is another benefit of VR, with them offering techniques and work out plans, giving you an experience similar to ‘WII Fit’, but much more advanced.


It has been suggested that children learn better through doing or experiencing something in a real-life context and it has been known that school trips offer a way for children to learn in a more practical way. However, these outings can be time consuming and expensive to organise, using a lot of resources including travelling arrangements and people to supervise it. Often children don’t spend a lot of the trip actually learning and are limited in where they can go and what they can do. VR allows classes to see and do things they wouldn’t usually be able to, without having to leave their classroom, giving them a much better opportunity at practical learning.

A lot of the time children don’t understand how the subject they are learning could be used in the practical world and why they are studying it. VR can demonstrate the relevance of a lesson, showing it used in practical circumstances and what jobs might involve it, giving children a much better understanding and willingness to learn the subject.

Although the use of VR has only been available for a short amount of time, it’s different applications are growing at a fast rate and it is now being used in many different sectors to enhance user’s experiences. This technology will only continue to improve and grow, becoming a distinguished part of our future.

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