Top business podcasts that you should make time for

Podcasts are a great way to learn about your world while your eyes are doing something else – great for the morning commute, the exercise bike or while running. There’s a massive range of business-related podcasts, from news and analysis to long-form interviews and articles on new ideas, so if you’ve got some audio time to fill, a podcast could bring you the key to developing your business.

BBC business news and commentary

The BBC offer a whole range of business-related podcasts. Evan Davis’ The Bottom Line features the former BBC News economics editor and three guests from the world of business to talk about a diverse range of topics from breaking into foreign markets, to digital marketing, to supermarket price wars.

Also from the BBC is Peter Day’s World Of Business, incorporating content from the BBC World Service’s Global Business programme as well as Radio 4’s In Business, plus original content, looking at a diverse range of business topics from around the world.

There’s also Business Daily and Business Matters, news-slanted podcasts from the BBC World Service, and Radio 5 Live’s daily Wake Up To Money.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review produces a weekly podcast which, despite the site charging for access, is completely free. There’s even a monthly summary podcast for the super-busy. Content is a mix of interviews with high-level and famous CEOs, and single-topic casts on things like “digital disruption”, leadership and entrepreneurship, all from authors of top books on the subject.

News and insight from the FT

The Financial Times offers a range of podcasts covering news and deep discussions on all angles of business. The mix of news, interview and high-quality discussion is bound to leave you smarter.

The Economist’s take on the world

The Economist’s Week Ahead podcast is a forward-looking weekly podcast looking at news and analysis of stories yet to break and events yet to be announced, to give you a chance to act rather than react to the world.

Online marketing for small businesses

The Small Business Marketing Report covers the basics of digital marketing along with news and tips so it’s a great place to start if you’re all-at-sea online.

Learn from other entrepreneurs

John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur On Fire hosts an interview with a different entrepreneur every single day – it’s one of the most-listened podcasts on the web so there’s something there for everyone. Leadership and digital marketing are common topics.

Focus on digital marketing

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield is exactly what it sounds like – from the author of “Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies”, it’s a podcast of actionable digital marketing strategies.

Great online marketing tips

More digital marketing tips and tricks from Chris Ducker’s New Business Podcast, from interviews with established and up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Boost your income streams

Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income focusses in-depth on technical aspects of digital marketing and making money online.

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