The Christmas ad that isn’t trying to sell you anything

With the festive period just around the corner, heartwarming Christmas adverts are being created and shared everywhere. Everyone from John Lewis & Partners to Coca Cola embraces our desire for a wholesome, tear-jerker of an advert and delivers to encourage consumers to make lavish purchases. It’s no secret that even the most cynical of people enjoy a sad yet life-affirming tale which makes them feel like they have a purpose, and Phil Beastall has achieved this perfectly.

‘Love is a gift’ Christmas advert

In 2014 he released his first video, simply titled ‘Love is a gift’, which was overwhelmingly popular. A young man is avidly counting down to Christmas, ticking each day off on his calendar. For most of us, this countdown is common. The food, presents and time off work are all welcome Christmas time features which we look forward to during the year. However, the young man is counting down for a much more sentimental reason. On Christmas morning he sits downstairs and begins listening to a tape. The tape reveals his mum has passed away, leaving a series of recordings which are marked to be listened to on Christmas day. There are several tapes in the box but this will be his last one. As the video concludes, words flash on the screen reading “love is a gift that lasts forever, Merry Christmas.” In the bustling hub of our current consumer society where Christmas is all about spending excessive money, this simple message stands out from the crowd. Not only is the message unique, but the short film was made with just £50. In comparison to the millions which are usually dropped on Christmas ads, this is a considerable difference, and as thousands of people agree, it doesn’t need a big budget to stand out from the competition. Click here to watch it. Lovers of the advert took to twitter to share their feelings.

@francisxyzk says: “Whilst we’re being bombarded by multi-million-pound over-idealised Christmas Ads; take a moment to re-watch the greatest Christmas Ad ever written and produced – for 50 quid.”
@lpartos comments: “50 pounds? Well done to this video maker. Complete storytelling. Budget ‘love is a gift’ Christmas ad goes viral”

‘Made for you’ Christmas advert

And this year, Phil Beastall has done it again. Another Christmas short film has been released, this time telling the tale of a couple in a long-distance relationship. As Christmas day draws closer, the couple is shown sharing text messages, FaceTime and even a particularly emotional scene where they both dance together, despite being thousands of miles away. This year the end of the short has a brilliant feel-good factor. The story has a happy ending which leaves audiences everywhere feeling fulfilled.
Phil himself took to Twitter to comment: “Two fantastic actors who had previously met, which meant they had a chemistry before we’d even started. It’s these nuances that turned my Xmas film into something credible. Give your actors a chance to breathe and they’ll better flex their creative muscles.”
Viewers were just as excited for this year’s ad.
@mum165 said: “Absolutely beautiful Phil the true meaning of Christmas not things LOVE!!! Xx”
A lot of viewers loved the advert and found it relatable. They took to YouTube to sing their praises.
Woodland Ash said: “This was quite poignant and hit home hard. I’m a gay man located in the UK (Glos) and my partner is based in Seattle atm (hoping to settle here soon). He arrives in the UK on Dec 7th and we spend Xmas together. This video feels like an excerpt from our life. Thank you”
Click here to watch Phil’s latest Christmas advert, although you may need some tissues handy.
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