Occasions Bridal Boutique

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  • Client: Occasions Bridal Boutique
  • Year: 2019 - 2021
  • Role: Web Design & Development, SEO, CRO, UX
  • Website: occasionsbridalfareham.co.uk
  • 160%
    Organic traffic is up 160% on the previous year Increase in traffic
  • 15%
    Increase in organic traffic since the launch of their new website
  • 28%
    drop-in bounce rate


Occasions Bridal Boutique is a beautiful independent wedding dress shop located in Fareham, run by two close friends James and Elena. The two share a passion for exquisite bridal wear and the boutique itself has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. As well as bridal wear, Occasions supply beautiful prom dresses and accessories, as well as providing a bridal wear alteration service.

What we did

boxChilli where asked to design and build a website for Occasions which could showcase the beautiful dresses and services, as well as an easy gateway for clients to book appointments. The design team created a site which was the perfect reflection of the Occasions brand, which utilises the brands aesthetic with an elegant blue and pink design.

Using WordPress, our developers created an exceptional website which allows clients to easily browse their chosen design and accessories as well as further information about the boutique. Users can find Occasions social media at a glance which provides further insight into their stock, clientele, and testimonials.

When working with Occasions, the boxChilli team had an initial kick off meeting to get an idea of exactly what the team would like for the website. Our clients have a vision in mind, and we work hard to ensure this is created. Throughout the design process we had regular reviews with Occasions to ensure we were working in the right direction and once the review was signed off, our developers brought it to life.

The result

The new website went live in November in 2019. The following year, compared with the previous year showed a 15% increase in organic traffic. This also enabled a 28% drop-in bounce rate, 55% increase in number of pages viewed per visit and 28% increase in the duration of visits.

Stats are looking even better for this year. So far Organic traffic is up 160% on the previous year.