Video Advertising

Video advertising

Few ad campaigns have a blockbuster budget, but that doesn’t mean you can make an impact. By partnering with a specialist film studio, we are able to provide high quality, professional video at an affordable rate. We specialise in online video marketing, as this tends to offer the best return for our clients, and can arrange broadcast slots on appropriate channels, too.

Planning: visualising the last frame before you switch on the camera

A beautifully shot and moving ad can flop if it’s launched at the wrong time or to the wrong audience. At BoxChilli, we’re on the job from the first sketches to the last report. This lets us work with our clients to create marketing campaigns that are effective at every stage. Our in-house marketing experts create an video advertising plan, laying out the progression of the ad, its content and the technologies to be used. The studio lend their expertise at just the right moment, turning a paper dream into a real-life video.

Getting it out there

Shooting a great ad is only half the battle – you still need to get it seen. In the age of ad blockers and DVRs, it can be hard to ensure that your video advertising is being seen by the right people. At BoxChilli, we offer an integrated campaign which includes targeting the ad during the release phase. Having assessed the marketing possibilities for the video, we release and manage the video ad across multiple channels.

Paid advertising slots and social media

While ‘going viral’ can transform a campaign overnight, it’s a rarity. At BoxChilli, we focus on providing a strong return on investment in our marketing campaigns, which we accomplish thanks to a thorough knowledge of the channels available. Most of our video ad campaigns go out across both paid for and free media. As an example, a teaser trailer might be ideal as a paid for ad on YouTube while the full product demonstration video is shared on your company’s YouTube channel, on social networks and on your homepage.

Assessing the campaign and ROI

An ad campaign is only as good as the clients it brings in. In the information age, assessing the effectiveness and returns from a video ad are much easier. We tailor our reporting to the campaign, providing the critical information you need to effectively manage your ad spending and video budget.

video advertising

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