SEO for Startups

Getting traffic to your new site is often key to a businesses success.

How to kickstart your startup’s SEO

You’ve got a brilliant idea and a brand new company – now how do you tell everyone about it? In the age of the internet, climbing the search engine results is key. Here are 5 of our top tips for getting started with SEO for your startup.

Our top tips

1. Choose a distinctive name that’s easy to spell

While there is a case for giving your company a descriptive name (think: Sports Direct, The Furniture Store), it can make it hard for customers searching for your site to find it, particularly in the early days. A short, simple name that’s easy to spell yet distinctive is ideal. We’re chose our own, Box Chilli, using these principles.

2. Ask yourself if SEO is a priority right now

It seems counter­intuitive, but resources are limited for any business. How do you plan to generate new business? A B2C e­commerce store will want strong SEO as they grow, but a fledgling graphic designer, wedding photographer or child minder might be bringing in business through networking, real­world contacts or local offline advertising. For these startups, the best SEO tip might be to not bother – at least, not yet.

3. Make your content valuable

Both customers and search engines like useful content, so make sure that your pages deliver the information your visitors need. Make sure you include basic information, such as your contact details, services you offer and (if appropriate) price information and how to buy. If you can go beyond this, include information that would be of use to someone using your service. We regularly update our site to share our insider information on topics like SEO for startups as we know that if
one of our customers asks a question, a dozen others probably need the same information.

4. Get your website checked over

There are some basic (and some really advanced!) mistakes that web developers and DIY website creating tools make that can harm your search engine ranking. If you’re not confident going under the hood, get a web developer with a strong understanding of SEO to do it for you.

5. Start as you mean to go on

SEO for startups works on the same principles as for existing businesses. As you’re starting from
scratch you can do things properly. Keep your site like you keep your office: welcoming for customers, packed with useful information and a place that suits your style.

6. Accept that SEO for startups takes time

Avoid anyone offering to improve your rankings overnight. Even if they have found a loophole (which is unlikely) the search engines will quickly find it and plug it. In the worst case, your site
may be de­listed entirely.

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