Target ads at people who have already visited your site

Customers who have already visited your site, whether they completed a purchase or not, are more likely to recognise your brand, trust it and be open to hearing your offers. They’re an ideal segment to promote offers and deals to, a technique called ‘remarketing’.

Historically, a shopkeeper either had to get a customer’s mailing address to send them follow-up offers or chase them down the street. Today, online tracking data makes remarketing simple and automatic – once you’ve set up the campaign correctly.

How does online remarketing work?

Websites like to know where their customers have come from, and which pages they’ve used on the site (for example, to make sure that anything you ‘add to basket’ stays in the basket, even if you’re not logged in). Browsers track pages visited in your ‘history’. The software that manages this data can also be used to show a visitor to your site appropriate ads, even after they’ve clicked away and are browsing other pages.

Services like Google AdWords gather user data and can serve ads to any site visited on their network. As an example, if you visit a site looking for ‘hotels in Paris’ but don’t make a booking, when you move it may automatically trigger adverts for hotels in Paris with different tempting offers. Naturally, this will be more appealing to someone already planning a trip than to a random member of the public, so the click through rate and uptake tend to be higher.

Setting up a remarketing campaign

Remarketing campaigns need to have a clear focus, and they need to offer visitors an additional incentive to buy. Getting the offer right is the critical part of the campaign, and one that many business owners struggle with. Adverts can be plain text, with images or even animated, depending on the ad network you’re using. It’s possible to re-use adverts made for other markets, but a few tweaks are advised.

Once the ad has been created, the conditions for remarketing need to be set up using the ad network’s software. At BoxChilli, we’ve studied successful remarketing campaigns, and it’s clear that not all visitors are equally likely targets. To improve value for money for our customers, we use pay per click (rather than pay per view) ad slots; target appropriate demographics; and monitor each campaign carefully, enhancing it as we go.


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