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Same great design offline as online

If customers recognise your business, they are more likely to use it. While large companies spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on establishing brand identity, many small businesses don’t even use the same logo or colour scheme on their online and print marketing materials.

Print design

To help you streamline and stimulate your marketing campaigns, the boxChilli graphic design team now offer print design. We’ll apply the same expertise that we use in creating a compelling website to create a compelling print campaign.

Advantages of a coordinated campaign

By using one company for both online and offline design work, you can be sure that the message is the same but not boringly identical. This means that if your customers subscribe to your email newsletter and your twitter feed and receive your catalogue in the post, they will be rewarded for their loyalty.

Straightforward designs

We can also save you from embarrassing design screw ups. With all the design work going through one team, you can be sure that the image, logo or slogan will be appropriate for the media used. As a simple example, the resolution for an image used online can be a hundred times less than that used in a print campaign. Sending the wrong image to the print shop can be an expensive disaster.

print design

Get your brand recognised

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