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Improve ad conversion rates with bespoke landing pages

ppc landing pages

Stand out from the crowd

You’ve created a great ad and drawn loads of new traffic to your site – but how do you make sure your visitors turn into customers? If your customers tend to ‘bounce’, i.e. visit your site through a pay per click (PPC) ad then click away without buying, a targeted landing page can make a big difference. At BoxChilli, we look at the whole transaction path, making improvements from the first glance to the last ‘buy now’ button.

Don’t make customers search twice

Linking to your home page from an ad is easy but it’s usually a mistake. If a customer has searched for ‘kids bikes age 8’ or ‘secure server box’ they’re not going to want to be faced with the dozens or even thousands of products you offer and to have to do the whole search again on your site. Creating a PPC landing page lets you choose what your customer sees after clicking on a particular ad. It’s a great chance to give the customer exactly what they want – while also delivering the products in an order you’ve selected.

Accept that even seconds count

Research indicates that we browse the web with the ruthless efficiency of a seagull hunting for sandwiches. Visitors very quickly reject any page that doesn’t immediately meet their requirements, and rarely spend more than 20 seconds on an intermediary page. A flying visit of just 2-5 seconds is common. Honestly, the statistics are so bad we’re surprised you’ve read this far. An efficient landing page delivers exactly what the customer wants and provides a direct link to get it. With a targeted PPC ad campaign, you don’t have to guess what’s required: you know.

Low cost, high impact

Linked with PPC ads, landing pages are an incredibly effective short cut to get new customers deep into your site. Instead of coming in at the home page and working through a dozen screens to the check out, you can get them from ad to add to basket on one page. It’s a good idea to consider the follow on screens, too, as each page in your check out process can lose you custom. At BoxChilli, our goal is to provide a comprehensive marketing service that considers the whole customer journey, making small changes that have a big impact.

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