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ppc call tracking

PPC (pay per click)

For ecommerce stores, it’s easy to see if PPC (pay per click) ads are effective, as the whole process can be easily tracked, from display through sale. For businesses which primarily deal with customers by phone, the data has been missing for years as the industry wrestles with the thorny problem: how do you connect a PPC ad to a particular phone call? Fortunately, the answer is at hand and at BoxChilli we can now provide PPC call tracking.

How does PPC call tracking work?

Tracking often fails when a customer changes medium. If they write you a letter after seeing a web ad or send you a text, your analytic software can’t keep up. New developments, however, make it possible for BoxChilli to track calls inspired by PPC ads.

First, we install specialised tracking software on your website. This is similar to analytic software you already have (or should have – if you don’t, talk to us today as its essential for your business to know which pages are effective and which aren’t).

The software looks out for visitors arriving from specific links. These are typically the PPC ads whose effectiveness we’re trying to measure but could include other sources, such as a social media page or an article on a third-party website, such as a local newspaper’s site.

These visitors see the usual webpage with one small change: your phone number is different. This number is automatically and instantly rerouted to your direct line, so neither you nor the customer notices any difference. However, the data is recorded and you can track the conversion rate and ROI for your ad campaign.

Won’t this confuse my customers?

Using an additional phone number this way is unlikely to confuse customers. Many businesses have multiple numbers – for example, a freephone number, numbers for each office reception and direct lines. Customers manage just fine.

The technique also has a long history. Using a unique phone number, URL or mailing address in an advert has been an effective way to track responses to a particular campaign since the dawn of broadcasting. Today, many TV ads, billboards and magazine pages will have lines like ‘quote OFFER79 when you text us’ or write to us at ‘DEAL146, our actual address…’ that are designed to let the campaign manager know which ads have hit the target.

This is a very straightforward way of tracking reader uptake, and all we’re doing is using sophisticated computer software to replace the tedious process of envelop counting.

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