Paid Search

Effective paid search doesn’t need to cost the earth

Stand out from the crowd

Sponsored links, paid search results, adverts – whatever you call them, they’re great news for advertisers and a sneaky way of jumping the search engine results queue.

Everyone knows that being the top result for a key term can transform sales, and SEO (search engine optimisation) is rightfully a growing marketing specialisation. Paid search lets companies bypass the squabbling and buy their way to the top.

Does it work?

In a word: yes. Many searchers don’t realise the first few links are paid for, many more don’t care and will happily click on a sponsored link if it has what they are looking for.

Is it really that simple?

Unfortunately, no. Paid search results are pay per click (PPC) ad slots. Many search engines, including Google, let customers bid for certain keywords, driving the price on competitive terms sky high. Tracking return on investment is critical in a saturated market.

How can I use paid search to build my business?

Using sponsored links as part of a wider marketing campaign is a great idea. On most channels, they’re text-only which means that crafting the perfect ad is essential. Choosing engaging wording and selecting the right demographic are our speciality, and we run both short campaigns and long trickle-feed strategies for our clients.

The BoxChilli team can help with any aspect of your marketing, communications and web development. Each of our campaigns is individually tailored, creating a marketing strategy that’s unique and designed to suit you and your business goals.

We also work with professional photographers, web developers, graphic designers and content writers, ensuring that the path from spotting an ad to buying a product is smooth and appealing for your customers.

What happens after the click?

You pay per click, and that’s where search engines stop being interested in your ad. However, at BoxChilli we believe that an effective ad campaign needs to consider the whole transaction path, from first viewing the ad to the final ‘buy now’ button. Naturally, a drop out rate is expected, but reducing this is a key way to ensure that a campaign has a good return on investment. There are a number of reasons why conversion rates might be low. Sadly, many are tied to poor planning and are easily preventable.

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