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Cross-platform marketing strategy

In 2014, Ofcom reported that 62% of UK adults use a smartphone so the number of people browsing through mobile is getting close to the 83% of UK adults who ever use the internet at all. With figures like these coming from the industry watchdog, it’s clear that mobile use – and thuse mobile advertising – is a trend too big to ignore (Stats link).

BoxChilli now offer in-app and mobile browser ad networks as part of our cross-platform marketing strategy. We can create and run advertisements for you on mobile sites as well as enabling your mobile site so that it can host adverts, either your own or those of a third party.

It’s the results that count

As independent specialists in marketing and online solutions, we are constantly striving to improve the way we serve our customers. We remain results-driven and focus on finding the best spots for our customers’ advertising, whether that’s on mobile, print or video, social networks or old media.

Is mobile advertising for you?

Online and mobile advertising techniques are becoming more sophisticated, and the volume of choice can be daunting. Mobile ads are relatively unproven, in that they are a developing phenomenon and can either be wildly successful or a waste of money.

Fortunately, for a company with expertise in the ever-changing world of online advertising, mobile ad networks don’t present much of a challenge. The key issue here, as with online ads, is to be clear about what your goals are, what returns you expect and who your target demographic is. With this information, a marketing expert can create a strategy that shows carefully designed ads to appropriate audiences, leading them straight back to your website or contact form.

The tricks of the trade

As an example, it’s important to remember that smartphone and tablets aren’t equally popular with all sections of society: their lowest uptake is among the over 65s. However, even this information can be used to advantage by savvy businesses. After all, the 20% of adults age 65-74 who use a smartphone are more likely to be engaged with other modern technologies, to still be working or to have spare money to spend on life’s little luxuries – the ideal market for certain companies.

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