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Your logo is the face of your business so invest wisely in its design

Most people picture a logo when they think of a brand, and picture the brand when they think of a logo. People even react emotionally to logos, recoiling from ones that remind them of a bad experience, and smiling when they see one they like. This applies to small, local brands as well as to world-famous brands, such as Coca-Cola or Ford. Creating the perfect logo can be critical to the success of a business, particularly in the cut-throat world of online retail, yet many business owners choose to cut corners. Designing your own logo is often a false economy. Modern life throws so many adverts and brands at us all each day that everyone is a design expert. Customers can spot poor quality work, and they take it as a reflection on the business.

Hiring a professional logo designer

Professional logo designers work quickly and well, and are often surprisingly affordable. In many cases, a designer can rework an existing logo or create a simple design from scratch for under £100. At boxChilli, we believe that this is a valuable investment for any business, and that’s why we often include it in our start up bundles. We work with experienced graphic designers, so if you need a new logo or if your old one isn’t up to scratch, we can help.

logo design

Want the perfect logo?

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