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Would you like your product to be displayed in a special box on Google’s search results page? What if you could add a great photo and a link back to your ecommerce store? And it displayed seamlessly on mobile? That’s exactly what Google Shopping search results offer, so it’s no surprise that this product is a hot trend. At BoxChilli, we’ve been working with our clients to leverage this potential, and have some great ways to maximise return on investment.

How does Shopping work?

When a user searches for a keyword that sounds like a product, the search results display appropriate matches in the shopping section. You can try it yourself with a general search such as ‘baby toys’ or a specific product name like ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 4’.

The results are very targeted, and show useful information directly in the search page. This typically includes an image, a price and the ecommerce business offering that product at that price. Clicking on an image take the user through to the store in question.

How is Google Shopping different from AdWords and Google ads?

Shopping is a targeted ad channel. It’s only designed for physical products that can be bought in an ecommerce store. While other Google ads can cover anything from psychic healing to dog food, university education to industrial drills, Shopping ads only cover the sort of things Amazon might sell. (Admittedly, that’s a wide range of products!)

Unlike AdWords, Google Shopping results can display dynamic prices, images, reviews or star ratings and detailed information about a product. They’re intended to be local (or at least get the right country/currency) and encourage viewers to click and buy immediately.

How do I get my products in the Shopping slot?

Google Shopping results are are pay per click advertising slots. However, they will only be shown against keywords the search engine deems appropriate – there’s no point pitching for ‘industrial drill’ if your product is actually a ‘home power tool’ or vise versa. This means that the strategy for creating an effective campaign is different for Shopping than for other display ad networks

Like other Google ad products, Shopping relies on advertisers bidding for space. It also requires users to have both Merchant Center and AdWords accounts. With extensive online marketing experience, our team can take the hassle out of creating a great Shopping campaign and dramatically improve ROI while maintaining the strong feedback the site is famous for.

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