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boxChilli can create email campaigns for specific products and services to cover a short period of time for things like product launches or sustained campaigns over a longer period of time e.g newsletters. Our team can use your content or create afresh to make your emails an important part of a customer’s life, getting them excited for their daily, weekly or monthly emails. We use the marketing automation process to its best ability relying on human led processes rather than programmes, when used in this way it can be relied upon to grow new links and strengthen current ones.

What is an emailer?

Although the term ‘emailer’ can be used to describe any person or software that manages emails, it’s often used to describe the specialist software that manages bulk mailing lists. Businesses of all sizes have bulk mailing lists, but unfortunately many off-the-shelf solutions are either poor quality or too expensive for small and medium size businesses. At boxChilli, we can provide an effective solution at a lower cost, as part of our marketing package.

Does my business need an emailer?

Emailer software and mailing list management tools allow you to target the right offers to the right customers. For example, cars need their oil changed regularly. A garage might increase business by reminding customers to change their oil, and sending a great offer along with it. Emailers can do this automatically, giving you control and boosting sales. We can create newsletters with high quality content which clients will share on Facebook etc. to create a buzz around your products and services.


Innovative designs to your inbox

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