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For many online retailers, selling goods on ebay is an excellent strategy. The massive crowds of buyers that visit eBay every day can be attracted to your store, with the right marketing campaign. Begun as an online auction house, eBay now allows sellers to set a fixed price ‘buy it now’ option, making it much more like a traditional eCommerce store.

Why should I use eBay?

When starting an online store, the hardest part is getting customers to visit and buy. Using an existing marketplace like eBay allows you to tap into their advertising network and reach their customers. You can promote your eBay shop both within the site and further afield, drawing customers to your business.

It also gives customers a framework to the transaction that they already trust.

eBay marketing

Rather than handing over their credit card details and home address to a complete stranger, they log in to a site they already know and trust. This is also an advantage for the store owner as eBay handles payments, card processing and invoicing. At boxChilli, we can set up an eBay store for you, and integrate it in an overall marketing strategy, drawing clients to your business to buy your products.

ebay shops

Interested in an eBay shop?

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