Display Advertising

The smart way to advertise online

The goal of an advert is to generate a sale

To accomplish this, an effective advert has to find its target audience. While traditional advertising did this broadcast, with little information about the number of views and the relative rate of response, online display advertisements can be targeted much more narrowly and analysed more closely as more information is available.

Measuring success

Using analytic tools, we’re able to assess the return on investment (ROI) of display advertising in real time. A campaign can be monitored and edited mid-stream if it’s not proving effective or to take advantage of new information or a news-led trend. We can even create competing adverts and run them simultaneously to test whether a particular slogan or product name is working.

Of course, not all advertising effects are immediate, and at BoxChilli we aim to assess the all-round effect of a campaign. As an example, if you see a car adverts at the cinema you’re unlikely to abandon the film to go buy a sedan – but you might stop in at the dealership a month or two later. By monitoring webpage visitor statistics and other indicators, such as PPC call tracking, we’re able to see if the effects of a display ad are appearing unexpectedly.

Where to display your ad?

Choose the sites, search engines and keywords you advertise next to carefully as this can make or break a campaign. At BoxChilli, we’ve studied this critical field in depth, and run highly targeted display ad campaigns for our clients. We use our industry expertise to find cost effective ad locations, taking the time to research the locations and ensure they’re right for the new campaign. Our goal is to ensure maximum returns for our clients while creating an ethical and affordable campaign.

A few types of display advertising

  • Banner ad

    an ad space that’s short and wide, often the width of the webpage.

  • Pop up

    an ad or other material that ‘pops up’ and dominates the screen, typically for a set time.

  • PPC

    pay per click. The advertiser only pays if someone clicks on an ad, not every time it is viewed.

  • Skyscraper

    a tall, thin ad, often running down the right hand side of a webpage.

  • Text ad

    an advert that is only text, without images.

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