AdWords Campaign Creation

Creating a successful Google AdWords campaign

Stand out from the crowd

As the world’s most popular search engine, Google dominates the online ad market. Fortunately, the opportunities it provides and the tools it offers are high quality, making an AdWords campaign a smart choice for businesses of all sizes.

At BoxChilli, we’ve been working with Google’s ad network for years and have built up a strong understanding of what it can and can’t do. It’s an astonishingly flexible and responsive system, particularly when compared to print ads or small ads. Three of the major benefits of AdWords are: you only pay for clicks through to your site (not views of the ad); you set the budget; and you can experiment quickly and easily.

AdWords campaign creation tools are simple yet powerful

With the AdWords campaign management tools, even a start-up can implement a sophisticated marketing strategy. The software makes it easy to select a demographic; run a time-limited campaign; set up trickle-ads that regularly feed traffic to your site; develop, run and analyse multiple campaigns; and much more

As an example, it’s very easy to experiment with Google AdWords. You can set up two or more different versions of an ad to run under a single campaign. But so what? Well, a skilled marketing professional can use this tool to learn how to make your ads more compelling; to reach out to different demographics or to do market research at low cost, perhaps to select a new brand name.

What you put in matters most

While the tools are powerful, the content is king. An ineffective ad will still have a low return on investment, even if you only pay per click. At BoxChilli, we’ve worked on successful ad campaigns for dozens of clients, refining our technique and learning to make the most of the tools available.

Confused? Uncertain? We can help

At BoxChilli, we’re with you throughout your marketing campaign, from the first back-of-the-envelope ideas to the final analysis. We believe that establishing a target audience is a key part of any marketing campaign, and we’ll walk you through the whole process, from analysing your existing data to developing audience-specific ads. We can take care of the AdWords campaign creation, and monitor its progress, so all you need to do is sit back and watch the clicks roll in.

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