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4 Benefits of Niche Advertising

by admin on March 19, 2014 , No comments

Niche advertising is about finding the people who want or need your products or services, and getting your message across to them. Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of focussing your advertising resources on specific websites, magazines or newsletters.

Businesses already know who their customers are: home renovation companies aren’t interested in renters, iPhone app makers aren’t interested in Android users, and baby food companies aren’t interested in non-parents. By choosing to advertise on websites that attract your customers, you pay for fewer views, improve response rates, reduce advertising costs and find better customers.

1. Pay for Fewer Views

Most online marketing campaigns use a broadcast strategy, trying to get the message to as many people as possible. If you expect that one person in 1,000 will want to buy your product, and you want to sell 100 products, you need to buy advertising space that gets your product out to 100,000 people. That’s a lot of views to pay for. Online advertising networks realise their response rate is low, so the per-view ad rate is typically low, too.

Targeting advertising by contacting specific sites directly means that the audience you reach will have more potential customers in it, so you can pay for the same number of views and get a higher response rate.

2. Improve Response Rates

Unlike in traditional print advertising, it’s easy to see exactly how effective an online marketing campaign has been. With clear data on click through, purchase and drop-out rates, you can see if you’re getting value for money.

Putting an ad on a large, unfocussed ad network can lead to a very low response rate. Many of the people who load your ad will immediately dismiss it as irrelevant. However, by choosing the websites you advertise on, you can ensure that your ad is shown next to relevant content, and to an engaged audience. This can dramatically improve response rates and increase sales.

3. Reduce Advertising Costs

While advertising costs vary, many niche websites charge the same per-view rate as large ad networks. This means it costs you less to find the same leads.

Building a relationship with an individual site also puts you in contact with the team behind the website. In many cases, editorial teams will be happy to mention key advertisers or website sponsors in reviews and articles. Editorial content is often the best advertising, as readers trust the authors to be unbiased. As a bonus, it’s free. Of course, the authors are unbiased, so make sure you have a good product or service to offer!

4. Find Better Customers

A customer who visits once is great, but a customer who shops with you again and again is brilliant. By including niche communities and smaller websites in your online marketing strategy, you can build up a reputation and develop the trust of your audience.

This is particularly key for businesses who provide niche services themselves as the advent of online forums and review sites make it easy to compare different providers. An advert is a chance to redress the balance and to bring your new products and great offers to a wider audience.

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