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New Store almost finished for Concept International

by Matt Atkinson on September 28, 2010 , No comments

We are reaching the finishing stages of a trade site for Concept International. They specialise in making amazing picnic products like this.

The construction of this site has been another development of Magento.

The site is a trade store and has needed various modifications, such as, only being able to see prices when logged in and that you are only ble to login once your account has been varified by the administrator.

Concept have asked us to build on this site by adding a retail store. This is where Magento really come into it’s own. You are able to have multiple store fronts/domains rooted tro one installation of Magento.

The above image is an example of how the sites may be organised. With a number of Magento sites on the horizon, it seems that it is flavour of the month

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