New Client Spotlight: Earth Cycle

Recently we started work on a new e-commerce site for Earth Cycle!

Earth Cycle is the “Peat Free Compost” merchant appendage of  The Woodhorn Group , a client of ours. They employ some rather interesting horticultural wizardry that result in some pretty great compost. The brand is focus is on the “Peat Free” and “100% Organic” feature of the product.

These soil conditioners are much better for the environment and are used by commercial horticultural greenhouses, Professional landscapers and Sports Turf Managers, so yeah, they’re kind of a big deal.

The  Earth Cycle site features an online store for selling their various compost related wares. Also the site is acting as information centre for all the many goings on at The Woodhorn Group.

we’ll be sure to share the finished product!



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