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Microsoft wants to make IE6 Obsolete

by Matt Atkinson on March 24, 2011 , No comments

internet explorer six logoMicrosoft has launched a new Web site IE6Countdown.com to try and persuade users to stop using the 10 year old web browser.

With IE 9 now released, Microsoft have said its time for IE 6 fans to say bye bye. “C’mon IE6, it’s time for a modern Web, so nice knowing you and all that but … buhbye,” Steve Clayton, director of cloud strategy for Microsoft, said in the company’s blog.

The website bears the slogan: “Moving the world off Internet Explorer 6” and Microsoft is making a huge effort to get users to move away from the decade-old browser. The goal of the website is to get Internet Explorer 6 usage to drop to less than 1% worldwide.

Current IE 6 usage is 12% on a global level. The bulk of IE 6 usage comes from China, where 34.5% of users still use the browser. Other countries with a higher-than-average IE6 share include South Korea (24.8%), India (12.3%) and Taiwan (10.7%). In the U.S., IE6’s share is just 2.9%.

The company has had success in driving down IE6 use: In August 2009, IE6’s share topped 25% and a year ago, 21% of Web users were on the outdated browser.

The IE6 countdown website has links to reasons why users should upgrade, documentation for corporate networks that need to migrate to a new browser and banners that webmasters can embed into their sites which will alert users that they should upgrade.

Microsoft is hoping IE 9 will reverse Internet Explorer’s slipping market share. In February 2009, IE’s various versions accounted for a collective 70% of the market. Today, they represent about 56%. The browser’s main rival for years has been Mozilla Firefox. More recently, Google Chrome has been gobbling up share.

If IE6 continues to lose share at the pace it’s established over the last year, the browser should fall under the 1% mark in June 2012.

This would be a massive step forward for all web design agencies as it takes a lot of time and effort to get some designs to show correctly in i.e 6, if fact we no longer develop for this version, now the i.e 9 has been released.


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