What Marketers can learn from Labour’s general election campaign


This year we saw Teresa May call a general election that shocked the nation, which accordingly led to the parties to begin their vital campaigns. Labour shook up the polls more than anticipated, and the role of marketing in that successful campaign was a large one. So what can marketers learn from the 2017 Labour election campaign?


Pick your message and stick to it


 People don’t like uncertainty and doubt, so having a message that isn’t clear or consistent can have detrimental effects to your business. This was demonstrated in the recent general election with parties often going back on their word and their figures not making sense or changing. In an interview with Labours Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, she failed to say precisely how they planned on paying for one of their proposal’s, messing up the figures twice. This had damaging effects for the Labour party, branding them as untrustworthy and ill-advised. This is a great lesson to learn from; clarity builds trust and uncertainty knocks it down, people won’t buy into something they don’t understand or believe. Marketers should:

  1. Use language that is short and simple
  2. Focus on the most important points of the company, product or service and build on that
  3. Keep your ideas consistent

Simplifying your message can also have beneficial results. Labour party shared a simple slogan “For the many, not the few.” which presented their key message effectively, telling their audience that voting for Labour is a vote for everyone in the UK not just one group and it quickly became recognised by the public on a national scale.


Appeal to your demographic


It is important to discover your company’s consumer demographics to know the type of people who you should appeal to and determine how to best relate to them, producing products and services that they would be interested in. An estimated 68% of 18-25 year olds voted this year, which became a major focus for the Labour party who chose to take their message to this younger demographic, with policies placing education and housing in the spotlight.

Effective techniques Labour used to reach out to this audience was a) Celebrity endorsements and b) utilising Social Media.

By joining forces with current celebrity figures, Stormzy and JME helped spread the word to the younger generation. Executed primarily across digital platforms Labour create various Social Media campaigns which fell directly in to their demographics reach.


Use Social Media


Social media is a quick, easy and cheap way of getting information and adverts out to the public, and politics wasn’t going to miss out. Labour have been recognised as being the most effective, with #forthemany campaign posts going out over 30 times a day. Compared to Conservatives who managed 20 maximum. This intense activity led to Labour racking up 1.3 million followers across their social profiles hours before the election took place. Conservatives gained a very respectable audience of 848,000, but still almost 500,000 followers behind the competition.

Keeping your social media consistent and up to date is important whoever your demographic, whatever product or service your selling and wherever you are in the world. Social strategies have proven to expand business’, increase brand awareness and all at a fraction of a typical advertising cost.


Your Business


 If you are looking to improve your marketing techniques, but would like some help and support, at boxChilli we are experts in this field and offer a vast range of services, including social media and website marketing. We would love to work with you to create a unique plan on how to generate more business and get your company the recognition it deserves.

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