Happy Thanksgiving from boxChilli!

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends. A tradition which leaves me green with envy as turkey dinner once a year never quite seems enough. As a purely American celebration it is a testament to globalisation, caused in the most part by the internet, that throughout the course of the day I have been reminded on innumerate occasions about the festivities.

People have friends around the world that they no longer need lose touch with as they are only ever an email, tweet, or wall post away. World news and trending topics mean that if something big enough is going on in another country, everyone will know about it. This is true too of the marketplace. If there’s a product or service that meets a demand it can be seen not just by those who happen to walk past a shop in the local area, but to the whole world. Now without getting too philosophical, that’s BIG, and very exciting.

So ponder on that whilst I go and lust over other people’s turkey and yams on instagram and facebook. Yum!

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