Google V Bing for content

The bods at Bing have been concerned as to the lack of perceived redress in the balance of power between Microsoft and Google on the net.

As the social networks continue to grow in popularity, so does the need for the traditional search engines to further accommodate them in their searches. This is something we have been accommodating in our SEO techniques for some time.

Bing’s approach to this change has been to increase their affinity with services like Facebook and Twitter.

For some engines the change may have been as small as to alter their algorithm to increase the perceived ranking of certain types of sites. I would say that this does not go far enough. You may have noticed (if you are a Google user) that real-time twitter feeds are now appearing in relevant google searches. This is the type of change that needs to happen if Google is to retain it’s current position as the most popular search engine.

At boxChilli media, our SEO packages aim to take advantage of this movement in search engine operating philosophy. We know how to use the social networks to create a buzz around brands. This combined with market leading content writers, results in interesting, search engine friendly content which is geared towards getting you the right traffic.

Bing has signed a new deal with Facebook which will see Bing’s entertainment results instantly shared with Facebook users when the user is signed into both. This information can then be linked directly back to the Facebook profile page.

What, I think, that Bing needs to realise.. Is that Google offers a market leading service that people want to use again and again. Google’s ability to understand what the user is looking for even when sometimes they themselves are unsure is second to none. Until Bing can compete with this perceived benefit, they will never redress the bias of traffic Google currently enjoys.

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