Gain More Customers With a Responsive Website

For some years now, there has been more internet traffic from mobiles compared to desktops. Developments in smartphone technology has enabled people to access whatever they want on the internet with just a few touches of a screen.

People now use their mobile to access social media, manage their emails and are increasingly using phones to do everyday tasks like shopping. The convenience of accessing the web via mobile means that people can do what they need to do from wherever they are. Whilst on a quick break at work, on the bus or waiting for someone to turn up for a meeting, time can be used more productively by using a mobile to access the internet.

Many consumers will research a product on the internet before making a purchase and when they can’t find a website to find out about the product, they are less likely to do business with the company. Consumers use the internet to decide whether to buy a product and which company offers the best price or service. Without a website, a business lacks a huge revenue opportunity.

Not only do businesses need to have a website set up, they also need to ensure that their website meets the needs of the majority of its visitors – mobile users. If a business doesn’t have a responsive website, it is losing customers because mobile users will get frustrated and leave the website.

With at least 55% of web traffic coming through mobile devices and this stat looks to become even more mobile dominated, businesses simply can’t afford not to have a responsive website. A professional website that is easy to navigate using any device is crucial in turning website visitors into customers.

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