Facebook hits one billion users – Many of them are your customers

Social media continues to be one of the fastest growing areas on the web. There are dozens of social networks available, from instagram which is purely for image sharing, to Tumblr which contains every media available. There is one clear giant in the field however and that’s Facebook.

It’s well documented in writing and indeed film, that Facebook came from humble beginnings. Created by Mark Zuckerburg in his dorm room in 2004, the popularity of Facebook could never have been predicted. Last week saw Facebook hit the one billion users mark. This figure is based on active users per month, the number of people with an account is even higher. Initially created as an exclusive site for university students, the demographic has shifted as its user base has widened. In the western world, and now much of the east, if you don’t have Facebook you are in the minority. Whether you read Facebook like it’s the morning paper each day, or occasionally log in to send a message to your nephew in New Zealand, most people connect with it in some way.

Of course this many people logging on to a site creates huge marketing potential for companies. Something which Facebook themselves continue to develop in a way that is most profitable for the site. As such a massive online platform businesses can no longer afford to ignore it as a marketing channel to reach their potential customers. When used in the right way, this can present a real opportunity for business growth.

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