Facebook, Google named best US web brands

Social media and search engine websites have been considered as the big-hitters of unique online visitors for websites this 2011, as reported by Cnet.

Popular market researcher Nielsen has reported that Google has actually surpassed Facebook in terms of actual visitors per month—although the figures are not far from each other. The search giant had a record of 153.4 million logs from unique visitors in 2011. Meanwhile, social media network Facebook recorded 137.6 million in the same period. These figures only underscore the importance of both search engines and social media in the SEO industry this year. The trend is expected to retain in 2012—or early part of the year at the very least.

SEO experts have capitalized on the use of social media in reaching the most number of online users. Many businesses have also realized its importance so many have put up their social media accounts to expand their respective client base. And the efforts, apparently, did not go into waste. More clients have been retained, and more online users have been invited to join those networks.

More social media options were introduced in 2011, but only a few were useful enough in online marketing and SEO. The relevance of social media is expected to retain, so more businesses consider maintaining their official social media accounts aside from their business websites. This essentially boosts their respective online visibility that could later translate to improved sales and revenues. The best thing about trying social networking sites is that they are quite easy and cheap to maintain, requiring a limited resource from the company while reaching the most number of target clients in the online world. This is, indeed, a way of getting business and brands viral through virtual means.

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