Can Google “Keep” up with Evernote?

Last week Google introduced their newest addition to their fleet of widgets designed to make life easier.  The latest, Google Keep, is a system they’ve devised as a cloud in which to keep notes, dates, and other little bits and bobs needed for day-to-day life organisation.  This might sound familiar to anyone who has used or knows of competing system, Evernote.  Evernote is well established and has been offering virtually the same service as Google Keep promises since June 2008.  Google too are not new to the cloud note storage arena having launched, and then subsequently pulled, Google Notebook in 2011.

Having had little success with Notebook, Keep may seem ill-advised, especially in a market so heavily dominated by Evernote and already full of competition.  Many of Google’s previous ventures have been pulled after a few years through lack of take-up by users, however, Keep is already showing signs of early uptake and given the success of Drive and Docs may be a good addition if properly integrated with these services.  For Evernote at least it is certainly one to watch and may be a great new aid to organisation for both individuals and businesses.

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