Broadbean Integration

Broadbean is a clever software package for recruiters. It provides a single hub where all job ads and candidate profiles can be managed, even if a job is being posted on dozens (or hundreds!) of job boards and social media channels.

It’s a great choice for both in­house HR teams and recruiters working for an agency as it has connections with thousands of job boards. It can push a job advert out to appropriate sites, anywhere in the world, and search for candidates too.

For in­house recruiters, Broadbean can mean that you no longer need to work with external agencies, as you’ll have complete access to hundreds of job boards. For agencies, it increases efficiency, reach and access, making it much easier to manage a client’s advert, find the best candidates and work through their applications. The software even provides detailed reports, so you can easily assess the success of a campaign.

How does Broadbean work?

Broadbean is integrated with job boards around the world, and can post ads and search their databases. The software has links not just to the major European players, but to niche job boards and sites around the world. This is ideal if you are recruiting in a specialised area.

Integrating Broadbean with your website

broadbeanintegrationIf you’re regularly hiring new staff, either for your own firm or as an agent for others, Broadbean integration has a number of advantages.

  • Manage job postings on your site easily
  • Easily update or remove listings
  • Use Broadbean to search external sites for candidates
  • Build up a pool of talent from applications
  • Advertise new jobs to previous applicants
  • Create a uniform advertising strategy and implement it with no extra effort
  • Data tracked and easy to analyse

Integrating Broadbean with existing tools

Any recruitment will already have a client management system in place. Broadbean can be integrated with most CMS or database software, giving you the extra reach and power without having to invest in a new system. Training requirements are generally low, too, as staff continue to use existing tools.

Broadbean integration for client management tools can be more complex than for websites, as some CMS have been heavily modified to meet your needs or use out­dated (but still effective) technologies. Despite these common issues, Broadbean integration is usually straightforward and an excellent investment.