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A question that is often asked when setting up a blog for a site is “What do I write about? And how do I style it?”.  Reading around blogs and their effectiveness, I came across a tip that said “write about what you know not about what you sell”.  The reasoning behind this is clear.  People will read your blogs and articles to learn something they may not have known before, or to see other viewpoints on a topic they have interest in.  If this relates to something you can then sell them then great, but the idea is not to be harping on about products and services you sell without offering useful information or something new that is of interest to an audience.

The issue with just writing about what you know an is that business is still business.  In your spare time you may be a world class baton twirler, but is that what you need people to know?  By all means write about that once or twice, it humanises you and is interesting, but won’t generate any new customers if your company supplies plug sockets.  You will need to write about what you sell in order to get relevant traffic and to tell your customers about what you do as a company.

The solution to this is to make what you sell the same as what you know.  This means immersing yourself in news, blogs and information other people have written on the subject, then do it better.  This does not by any stretch mean plagiarising, which at all costs should be avoided.  You can write on the same topic as someone else, but make sure to make it your own.  Write about experiences and knowledge gained from this that are specific only to you that you may have had with the product or service you are trying to sell.  You are trying to inform your customer, always mindful that you need to offer something they may not have heard before, something to keep them reading.

Your company will have a brand, and this brand should have a voice.  Decide on a tone and use it for everything, this includes blogging. The only difference is that you can be less formal whilst blogging, referring to the company as “we”, and having a bit more personality than in formal documents.  Depending on the nature of the business this can be amped up or toned down as you feel appropriate.  Trial and error is key, as is reading back past posts to see what works and what might not work so well.  So get writing!

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