5 Great Business Blogs to Follow in 2017

Looking for news and advice that’s relevant to you? Tired of being flooded by facts and figures from the USA? Our round-up of UK-focussed business blog and news sites will help you stay on top of your game, developing your strategies and tool kit as your business grows.

1. The British Library Business & IP Centre blog

You might expect the British Library to be full of musty tomes and mired in the past but that’s not the case. Their business and intellectual property teamwork with entrepreneurs and established companies, giving them access to materials and helping them protect their intellectual property. They know what they’re talking about, and this savvy, interesting blog provides a different slant on many commonly discussed topics.

2. Birds on the Blog

From walking in high heels to breaking through the glass ceiling, it’s no secret that women face different challenges in the business world than men do. Whether you’re a female entrepreneur or a male middle-manager, Birds on the Blog gives you the business news and advice you need while nudging the world to be a fairer place. From their regular business book club to advice on using SEO to build your brand and company, this highly readable site offers something for everyone.

3. Business Wings

With a mix of videos, podcasts and written posts, Business Wings helps you get your company off the ground and keep on flying. Interviews with successful business owners and entrepreneurs provide insight into other companies while their news and advice sections offer great tips on a wide range of topics. Add this site to your feed reader and you’re sure to learn something new.

4. Small Business

Tackling everything from fantasy football leagues to insolvency, the Small Business blog has a wide range of advice and resources for business owners and entrepreneurs. Their archive is a great resource if you’re looking for information on a particular topic, whether it’s as general as SEO or as specific as Hampshire business news. Follow their latest updates for a regular dose of new, interesting content.

5. Business Green

Environmental awareness is a driving issue with many consumers, but even if you’re confident your clients have other priorities it’s still worth knowing about the issues and opportunities in the sector. From how to save money on your business energy consumption to marketing ideas to help you break into the green market, you’ll find global and local news alike on the Business Green site.

Further reading

We’ve gone through our list of top blogs and picked 5 we love that you probably haven’t heard of. If you’re looking for more news, inspiration and support as you develop your business and your career, there are plenty of sites to choose from.

UK-focussed business websites provide an excellent supplement to the business section in your daily newspaper. Their in-depth coverage of the business community makes their topics particularly relevant to small and medium-sized enterprises which are looking to grow. From warning of economic pitfalls to providing career advice, blogs, online newspapers and independent news sites are a valuable resource every business owner should tap. Here are a few more suggestions.

  1. For global news and professional journalism – The Guardian’s Business Blog online 
  2. For a mix of news, advice and editorial coverage – Business Matters 
  3. For UK and local business news – Bdaily
  4. For truly local business updates we follow our Hampshire Chamber of Commerce 
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