5 features of a successful eCommerce site

eCommerce stores are everywhere, and competition is strong. With the technology world constantly updating, there may be a chance that one day eCommerce stores may overtake physical ones. Because o this, you want your site to stand out from the others and encourage as many sales as possible. Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for a successful eCommerce site. However, there are a lot of things that definitely sway customers. We’ve compiled five ways you can maximise success on your eCommerce site and boost sales.

Easy navigation

If the navigation is difficult on your site, its fairly likely customers won’t even get past the first page. Cluttered information, slow loading times and too many steps to get to the goal can all be a turn-off. Making online purchases is about the speed and convenience in which it happens. Customers see what they want, and they want it to come to them easily. The best way to make sure purchases happen on your site, is it optimise it, so the purchase sequence is simple and quick. Even simple things such as minimal clicks before the checkout is reached can encourage a purchase.

No hidden fees

No one likes to pay more than they bargained for. Try to include free shipping where possible or if the customer spends over a certain amount. If shipping isn’t free, have it clearly visible, before they get to the checkout. This promotes a level of trust that there are no hidden fees. It’s important for the customer to have trust in you and your product to encourage a sale. In line with this, ensure that the price for any items is obvious. You don’t want visitors to have to jump through hoops to get basic information about the product. Have it set out clearly and concisely.

Easy and secure payment

The payment is the final stage of the purchase. First off, you want to ensure the customers are happy that your site is secure. This can be as simple as using something like a Trust App. Online security is a hot topic at present and having that extra boost of confidence for your customer is a great way to promote sales. Having limited payment options is another turn off for potential buyers. Not only do multiple options improve legitimacy, but it’ll also make it easier for the customer. Any way you can make the user journey easier is going to improve sales so take advantage of that.

Guest Checkout

Forcing the customer to make an account in order to make a purchase is an unnecessary hassle. Any extra steps in place could result in the user journey ending. A simple guest checkout system where they provide an email for the receipt is always favourable. Another step to make the purchasing process quick and simple for the user.

Contact information and support

As much as modern customers want to make a purchase and get off the page, customer support is vital. Any questions and queries need to be readily and quickly answered. Having strong customer support is a great way to improve customer confidence. Make sure things like contact information and phone numbers are easily available for site visitors.

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