4 apps that you need to be productive in 2016

Get the new year off to a great start with an immediate productivity boost. While many Android and iPhone apps are designed to waste your time, the 4 we’ve highlighted below are real stars that will help you handle routine tasks more effectively, so you can focus on the really important stuff.


Every busy person needs a good to do list, and Wunderlist is one of the best. Available on almost every platform, you can use it as a Windows tool, an iPhone app or both, as it will sync automatically. It’s both easy to use and powerful enough to handle complex projects, letting you add sub-tasks and deadlines. While it isn’t project management software, it’s a great way to keep work tasks, chores from home, upcoming events and errands all in one place. You can also assign tasks to others, whether that’s asking your partner to pick up the milk or a colleague to handle a sales call.


Keep track of all your social media marketing accounts in one place with this handy app. HootSuite not only lets you bundle all your accounts into one app, it also lets you update multiple accounts simultaneously. You can also use the app to follow hashtags or searches that you need to monitor, such as your brand name or local info. Want to see more posts like this one? Add #iphone #apps and #Portsmouth to your tag watch list.


Effortlessly capture information, tag and file it, and synchronise it across all your devices. Evernote can capture anything from voice recordings to webpages to video taken on your smart phone. You’ll notice that we think auto-sync is an essential feature, and it really makes life easy: on a work trip to New York, you can jot a note on an iPhone app then pull it up back at your desk in Portsmouth – or a colleague can, if you’ve enabled sharing. Simples.

As a bonus, a recent addition to the Evernote family, Evernote Hello lets you manage contacts and record interactions easily, making notes about meetings or when you last saw a client, including snapping pictures of those endless business cards to avoid losing the information.


It’s not the only cloud storage app out there, but DropBox is a good one. Usable across almost all platforms, it lets you access a document from anywhere in the world. Upload a document from an iPhone app in Portsmouth and a client in Auckland can download it easily. DropBox and other cloud storage systems are great for anyone who is on the go a lot, particularly small business owners. While many people remain tied to their desktop computer, returning to it to do invoicing, check estimates and quote, DropBox gives you access to all that information on the go. This means that if you’re at a client site, you can still have all your files at your fingertips.

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