3 Key SEO Tips 2012

For most companies, the world over today, the final few months of the year are quite incredibly busy to say the least. New strategies are being devised for the future and the successes or otherwise of the year as a whole are brought into consideration, in many cases seeing huge attention directed at the SEO professional for assistance in taking the lead in 2012. Indeed, whether going it alone or working in conjunction with the best SEO professional in the business, SEO is here for the long term and is only likely to increase in power next year. As such, the following comprises three of the most fundamental tips for successful campaigns in 2012, that every SEO company and amateur alike should be aware of.

  1. Re-think Keyword Selections – Any new year signals an ideal time to revisit the keywords selected or considered previously, as those proving enormously successful in 2011 may prove nothing of the sort in 2012. Peaks and troughs are one thing, but the holy grail for the SEO professional and amateur alike is strong and steady traffic, so never be afraid to look into bold new keywords and find the edge needed to surpass the competition.
  2. Content Updates – There is no better time to adorn a website with abundant new content and information than the end of year/beginning of year period, with a thousand and one excellent excuses to communicate with readers. That being said, it is just as important to know when to retire dated content, therefore pre-Christmas info should NOT be hanging around mid-January. Content is set to be king once again during 2012, with more influence on SEO and readers alike than ever before.
  3. Brainstorm – One of the biggest problems faced by the SEO professional and amateur alike is finding January only hours away only to be bombarded with last-minute requests for new topics and material. Remember, even the most skilled SEO professionals working today cannot perform miracles without due time, therefore a business really looking to inspire readers in the new year and beyond should already be brainstorming epic ideas, though if not, start right now!
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