10 Instagram posts that defined the decade?

In its 9 active years, Instagram has grown to immense proportions. Beginning as a simple platform to share photos it now boasts over a billion users worldwide who spend hours posting, commenting and liking. Like other social platforms such as YouTube, users now have the ability to benefit financially from Instagram. Everything from teeth whitening gel to tummy weight loss tea is endorsed by the most recent Love Island star and sold to millions. In the last decade, Instagram has grown and doesn’t show signs of stopping. The Guardian has chosen 10 Instagram posts which they believe have defined the last decade.

 “The first picture (2010)”

The first picture posted was in July 2010 and is a low-quality snap of a stray dog which was posted by the app’s co-founder. We would agree with this statement as all firsts are iconic, even if not particularly groundbreaking.

“The most influential picture (2013)”

The Guardians choice of most influential picture is of the Global Angel Wings Project or the “wall crawl.” Beginning in 2013, angel wings were painted on walls which triggered many people to pose by them and capture a photo. Although we think this idea is especially cool and unique, we wouldn’t necessarily say its the most groundbreaking thing that has ever come out of Instagram.

“The most romantic picture (2014)”

Kim and Kanye’s wedding was one of the biggest celebrity events of the year, costing an estimated 2.8 million pounds, not including the dress! With this in mind, it’s easy to see why this was picked out from the millions of romantic photos out there to win the title for this decade.

“The fakest picture (2015)”

The Guardian awarded “The Fakest Picture” to Australian influencer Essena O’Neil, who deleted 2,000 images of the site and left 96 up, claiming the majority were fake and overly perfected. We personally love this exposure to the fake side of Instagram, particularly the warnings about social media’s effect on our mental health. It’s so easy to use photoshop and other editing software on social media to give you that perfect aesthetic which simply isn’t real. A great example of an influencer using their platform for good.

“The most-copied picture (2015)”

Only number 5 and the second mention of a Kardashian, not unusual for a blog about Instagram. “The most copied picture” goes to Kendal Jenner with her hair styled into hearts. We must agree with this after seeing hundreds of people recreating this look for their ‘gram.

“The most-fumbled picture (2016)”

The most-fumbled picture is the ever hilarious post from Scott Disick who managed to copy and paste the entire email from a marketing team onto his Instagram post, including instructions. He hastily deleted it, but not before some quick-acting users screenshotted the post and flooded it overall social media.

“The most controversial picture (2016)”

It’s no secret that Instagram has double standards when it comes to male and female nudity. One account sought to expose this by posting photos of nipples which were so zoomed in, you couldn’t determine the gender. With 77 thousand followers and a continuation to post anonymous nipples, we think this is a very clever way to spark some controversy and get people talking. Although, with so many shocking and thought-provoking posts on Instagram, it would be hard to choose the winner.

“The most-political picture (2017)”

The Guardian have voted “The Most Political Photo” as a picture of Barack Obama kneeling by a desk by a young refugee. This was a criticism of Donald Trump who had signed an executive order lowering the number of refugees who could be admitted into the United States. This is a subtle yet effective way of using social media to be political.

“The most-liked picture (2019)”

One of our favourite Instagram photos of the decade is the most liked picture and was posted in 2019. This picture is literally a chicken egg on a white background. Instagram users all over the world gathered together to beat the most liked photo title with this poultry product, which was then held by Kylie Jenner. Within 2 months the photo had 53 million likes and still stands as the most-liked photo on Instagram. We love the way users rallied together to do something and actually achieved their goals.

“The most-commented picture (2018)”

Who are we to argue with statistics!

If you would like to read the original article from The Guardian, click here.

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