Website Design in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Website Design In Hampshire

Today at boxChilli media – Website Design in Portsmouth, Hampshire Thursday, 7th October. Website Development We have been working on the following sites today -
  1. development of , Helen and Matt have been working on  a number of additional design and content changes. We have also been planning out the ‘essentials’ part of the site, ready to start entering the 390 initial products that Anthea is going to recommend.
  2. design phase of CMS Plc – David has finished and uploaded layout design for the new CMS Plc e-commerce store,
SEO – Seach engine optimisation today we have quoted a leading Fareham based company for undertaking their Search Engine Optimisation. Also today we’ve had a meeting on a new prospective e-commerce store,  a rather unqiue idea that we can’t talk about at present! Another busy day for all the staff a boxChilli media –  Website Design in Portsmouth, Hampshire!

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