Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingSocial Media has become the driving force behind internet marketing. Popular websites such as Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr are becoming widespread mediums to increase internet traffic to websites and raise brand awareness. Websites such as Pinterest use their image ‘pinning’ function to provide information on products and services. It can take the user to a company landing page. According to Digitalsherpa, 15% of customers use social media to search for local businesses. The success of such sites as Facebook and Pinterest show how effective social media marketing can be.
Social Media Optimasation
light bulbboxChilli can help develop a unique social media campaign that is applicable to your business. We can promote to a wider audience and generate a much larger exposure, by taking advantage of social network sites such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. We will use key industry tools such as press releases and social media optimisation to raise brand awareness and build new relationships with new customers. We believe that communication is at the core of social media marketing and through creating highly shareable content, your message can be spread to a much wider audience.With boxChilli, see how effective social media marketing can work to your advantage.

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